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What is Appalachian Hardwood?

Hardwood species from the Appalachian Mountain region of the eastern United States guarantee any buyer of one thing: superior quality.

Sustainability & Legality

Appalachian Hardwoods are growing more than twice as many hardwoods as are harvested and dying combined AND are legal products from legitimate timber owners and companies.

Resource Guide

The members of Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc. (AHMI) stand ready to meet your Appalachian Hardwood Lumber Resource needs.

Why choose Solid Appalachian Hardwood?

Appalachian Hardwood is Legal AND Sustainable

Bring the Appalachian Mountains home. Our hardwoods offer eco-friendly & affordable ways to add beauty & value to your home. Ask for only solid Appalachian Hardwoods and enjoy the carbon free benefits along with the comfort of knowing it was legally grown and harvested in the USA. Best of all, these tree are 100% sustainable – we grow 2.45 trees for every tree that is harvested or dies naturally.