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The rolling hills and gentle mountains of the Appalachian Mountains are a thing of beauty

and the hardwood trees that fill the landscape provide the best quality raw materials for an increasingly demanding nation and world. Appalachian Hardwoods from the 12-state region of the eastern United States are a resource that manufacturers have learned produce the finest finished goods.

The area is a garden spot for temperate hardwood trees like oak, maple, hickory, ash, basswood and cherry. The region provides what seems to be an endless supply from northern Georgia to western New York. More than 65 million acres of trees cover the landscape and two generations of trees can be harvested from a tract in a landowner’s lifetime.


All of these factors are the result of a complex scientific formula required to produce top species of hardwoods. The formula can be broken down into simpler terms by understanding the three needs of all plant life: soil, moisture and climate.

The soil in the Appalachian Mountain region is composed of a beneficial blend of minerals and nutrients that feed hardwood trees. Rainfall throughout the region reaches adequate levels annually and the terrain allows unnecessary moisture to drain away from the tree’s roots.

The climate, however, may be the top component. This mountain region has warm summers to assist growth and development of trees but cool spring and fall seasons and cold winters to allow this growth to be gradual. Slow maturity means tight growth rings, strong fibers and consistent grains that lead to strength, durability and beauty.

Hardwood species from the Appalachian Mountain region of the eastern United States guarantee any buyer of one thing: superior quality.

Since the 1920s when hardwood from this region began to make a name for itself, Appalachian has meant a consistency that is unmatched.

This tradition continues decades later as Appalachian oaks, cherry, maple, poplar, ash, beech, basswood, birch, hickory and walnut set the standard for thousands of products and materials across the world. These are desired for their strength and durability as well as the clarity and consistency in grain patterns.